What is Amsets DAO community?

What is Amsets DAO community?

Amsets DAO is a community of professional validators, delegators and contributors who help develop blockchain projects.

You can join us as a delegate, technical specialist or contributor.

To join as a delegator, you need to purchase an NFT. Your tokens will be sent to delegation among blockchain projects and you will receive staking rewards every week. You don't need to think about which blockchain to support, our community monitors the main blockchain projects every day and selects only the best ones to delegate or support as a validator.

By owning NFT you will also receive airdrops from our partners.

If you know how to configure Linux servers, know what cron is, know how to write scripts or know such programming languages ​​as Solidity, Rust, Go, JavaScript, then we will be glad to see you in our community as a technical specialist.

Contributors help us spread information about blockchain projects to the masses, thereby accelerating the same mass advertising. If you want to update the old web2 to the new web3, we will be glad to see you as part of our community.

You can be a delegator, a technical specialist and a contributor at the same time, the main thing is the desire and the opportunity.

Amsets DAO is a community of blockchain enthusiasts, professionals in their field, people who strive for complete anarchy and decentralization. Our goal is to become the largest hub for the development and popularization of blockchain projects and Web3.

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