What is Amsets?

What is Amsets?

Amsets is an infrastructure-level blockchain project that simplifies access to the development of distributed applications using low-code technology.

Our main specialization is education. We strive to provide an opportunity to share knowledge distributed, without censorship and the opportunity to earn while studying. Now it is not necessary to study for several years in order to get a job. The modern world is a world of skills. The more skills, the more opportunities.

Knowledge should not be closed. Everyone should have access to high-quality education, be able to share their knowledge and use it in practice right during their studies.

The education market is near 10 trillion dollars by 2030 and about five billion people who study or want to study. More than half of them cannot get a highly qualified education either due to lack of funds or territorial peculiarities.

We strive to develop an educational blockchain service that will provide an opportunity to gain knowledge anywhere in the world, in any language and in any specialty.

Step by step roadmap:

1) Validation of blockchain projects based on the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and their technical support. Thanks to this, we will receive a stably working blockchain node, which will give us the opportunity to provide cloud services for the deployment of blockchain infrastructure.

2) Development of own educational blockchain protocol - Web3 Learning Machine System.

You can see the full roadmap below.

First of all, we focused on the blockchains of the Cosmos ecosystem, since they have the most well-implemented Proof of Stake model. Additionally, we will add EVM and non-EVM blockchains for maximum distribution not only within the same blockchain, but also across different blockchains.

In order to get into the active set of validators, it is necessary to have support among the blockchain community of each individual blockchain. Support is expressed in the number of tokens delegated to the validator.

That is why we are starting our project with your support. After buying Genesis NFT, funds from them are delegated to our and partners validators of key blockchain protocols.

You become a member of Amsets DAO and will be rewarded weekly in the form of ETH tokens depending on the number of NFTs purchased. More tokens - more rewards.

The average annual return from delegations is approximately +17% as a reward from delegations and +50%-200% or more percent from the increase in the value of tokens from delegations.

Genesis NFTs are backed by tokens in a staking pool. You can always see Proof of Reserve in our Amsets DAO Discord server.

We send 10% of Genesis NFT purchase amount and 20% of weekly rewards to Amsets Treasury. From there, they will be directed to the development of the second phase of the project - Blockchain as a Service and dEducation as a Service.

Tokenomics of the first phase of the project is shown below.

In the second phase of the Amsets project, we are launching Blockchain and dEducation as a Service, and own token - Amsets.

The capitalization of the Amsets token will be confirmed by the capitalization of the staking pool and will have additional value due to the rewards of the validator and delegator.

Additional token value is the ability to pay for educational and technological blockchain services. A portion of the fees from this turnover is channeled to the Amsets DAO Foundation and paid out to all Genesis NFT holders.

Thus, buying Genesis NFT today gives you the opportunity to receive a weekly reward from delegations and increase the capitalization of delegated tokens, and in the future to receive additional rewards as a commission for turnover on additional services.

Due to the fact that Genesis NFTs are provided with tokens in the staking pool, you can sell them at any time at the market value of the tokens in the Staking Pool. You can sell NFT on the OpenSea marketplace or by placing a sales request in the Amsets DAO Discord channel.

Become a Amsets DAO member today!

P.S: buying at least 5 Genesis NFT tokens for minimise your "gas fees".